Hello fellow wanderers! My name is Taona and I’ve always had a thirst for adventure. From witnessing Santorini’s magnetic pull first-hand to seeing East Africa’s Big 5 face-to-face, I typically only have three things on my mind and three things only: exploring, discovering, and some more exploring!


A German Zimbabwean Girl in an Infinitely Beautiful World

Hailing from Germany and growing up in Zimbabwe, I started doing safaris at a very young age. My parents have been avid travelers since before I came into this world, so you can imagine how adventurous each day of my childhood was. Their love of wandering and my bi-cultural background further fueled my desire to step foot on every crease and corner of the planet.


  Discovering Victoria Falls.


What I’m up to Today

I’m a firm believer in dancing to the beat of your own drum. Instead of being a back-seat passenger in life by going along with what you see in media, grab that steering wheel and drive! It’s up to you to create your own unique experience based off of your values, perception, and innermost desires. And that’s what I’m here for… to inspire, empower, and encourage you to explore both your inner and outer world.