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    How To Start A Blog In Just 3 Super-Simple Steps!

    Have you ever wanted to start a blog and never knew where to start?  My name is Taona (@theflyingpearl) and I will teach you how in just under 2 minutes. I have 10+ years of blogging experience and I am one of the co-creators behind the lifestyle blog www.culturewithcoco.com. I also run my own blog www.theflyingpearl.com  which offers social media tips as well as blogging tips and how to make money online. Feel free to subscribe at the bottom of this article for more tips. Click here to start your own blog and follow the steps in the video below.   My success, like any success didn´t happen overnight. I have been blogging…

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  • Instagram Tips & Tricks,  Social Media Corner

    How To Create the Perfect Instagram Username

    The name you choose for your Instagram page is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. When people decide to search for you, the name needs to be catchy, recognizable and easy to remember. This is why it is so important that you make sure you choose the perfect name for your future brand. Yes, that is right, brand. Many Instagram users have gone on to become successful and some regret not having chosen a better name at the beginning. I am here to inspire you to create the perfect Instagram username and to explain exactly how to do that. First off, an Instagram username is limited…

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